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Fort Myers Estero Massage Therapist

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Fort Myers Estero Massage Therapist

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Fort Myers Estero Massage Therapist

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  • Fort Myers Estero Massage Therapist

    Enjoy your FIRST Swedish, Deep Tissue, Remedial or Sports Massage for $78.00 or join our newsletter and get instantly upgraded to 1.5 hrs for $89!

    At Head Quarters Men's Haircuts we make affordable, regular massage a reality with our email members receiving discounted prices based on how long it has been between appointments. This helps people afford a regular treatment. We call it our Month-to-Month Massage Membership

    So what is Month-to-Month Massage Membership?

    Imagine guaranteeing yourself a monthly swedish massage.
    Whether your goal is to relax, achieve pain relief, or support your
    athletic performance, Head Quarter’s unique Membership
    Program is designed to optimize your health by incorporating
    monthly swedish massage into your wellness routine. Become
    a Head Quarters Massage Member and enjoy exclusive benefits while
    improving your health.
    - FREE 5 Minute Massage to try
    - No Long Term Contract
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    - No Transfer Fee
    - Full 60 Minutes of Therapeutic Massage
    - Additional Massages at Low Membership Prices
    - Share Your Membership with Friends
    - Unused Massages Roll Over up to 3 Months
    - Split 60 Minute Massages into two 30 Minute Sessions
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    Is work literally a Pain in the Neck? Do Your Shoulders and Back Ache? You Need Seated Chair Massage!

    Why Use Seated Chair Massage?

    Many of us are time starved and on a budget, yet we still get aching shoulders and a stiff neck. Chair massage can alleviate muscle tension in these areas, it is quick, effective and affordable. Chair massage is done through clothing without oil using an ergonomic massage chair. Great for lunch breaks, after work or when you just need a pick me up.

    Do you use firm pressure?

    Using a range of techniques drawn from Swedish, Acupressure, Deep Tissue and Remedial styles we warm up the neck and shoulders and then work more deeply to release neck and upper shoulder tension. We release common trigger points in upper traps and rhomboids which are muscles that are most affected by computer work. We adjust the pressure as required. Where appropriate the pressure is firm, the aim is to create a release in muscle tension and to decrease pain. We also focus

    What is chair massage good for?

    Releasing neck, shoulder, arm, hand, wrist and upper back tension. Work can be done on the lower back but for acute pain in this area we recommend a table treatment.

    Did You Know Shoulder and Neck Pain are experienced by 80% of staff either Occasionally or Frequently

    Stress leave and physical issues such as RSI and back pain drain millions per year from business and cause a lot of unnecessary pain and anxiety to workers.

    Find out how to save your business money and keep your staff happy and productive. Our Corporate Massage Program is simple to implement and fits perfectly into any Wellness Program Initiatives.

    If you want more information please Contact us and we will respond promptly to your inquiry.

    We look forward to looking after your most valuable asset.

    You (and the people you care about)

    Have a wonderful Day

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    Fort Myers Estero Massage Therapist


    Month-to-Month Massage Membership

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    Fort Myers Estero Massage Therapist

    Seated Chair Massage in Salon

    Fort Myers Estero Massage Therapist

    Salon Chair Prices

    5 MINUTES ______$7
    10 MINUTES ____$15
    15 MINUTES ____$20
    20 MINUTES ____$25
    25 MINUTES ____$30


    Want to reward staff or make an addition to your well-being program?

    Fort Myers Estero Massage Therapist