Cancellation Policy - Privacy Policy, Health Information

At Head Quarters Men's Haircuts we take your information and privacy seriously. Below are out policies on cancellation, no shows, your health information and email and marketing policies.

Cancellation Policy

This is of course a necessary evil! As a small business with therapists working on a commission basis mostly we simply have to ask our clients to respect our policy and understand that we implement it for the financial viability of the business and the therapists.

We ask that if you need to change or cancel your appointment you do this the day before your treatment. Our online system will send you a reminder email of your appointment and we also send a text message at least a day before as a reminder. Should you cancel on the day and we don't fill the appointment we will charge 50% of the booking.

If clients consistently cancel at the last minute we will request credit card details to secure their booking. For all multiple bookings credit card details are requested and once the booking is completed they are erased. 

No Shows: this is when you don't come for your appointment and don't let us know. We charge full price for the missed appt. 


If you join our Head Quarters Men's Haircuts Life Program and therefore our newsletter this is a double opt in which means that you will have to confirm you actually want to subscribe. We do this to comply with the spam act and also because we value your privacy. If you wish to unsubscribe there is a link at the bottom of each email you receive. 

Text Marketing

Should you choose to go on our text promotion list then you can unsubscribe at any time by contacting us and we will remove you from the list and let you know this has been done.

Health information

All your health information is private, we don't share your information with anyone. If you ever wish to access your health information simply send us a request in writing and we will comply within 48 hours. The only time this is not possible is if this would breach the privacy of someone else which is highly unlikely.

Disclaimer: whilst all possible steps are made to ensure the safety and privacy of your information we are not responsible for any security breaches of third parties that we may use to supply online booking, online paypal purchases as we have no control over their security measures.